ComputerHardwareIds Output

The following is an example of the output produced by the ComputerHardwareIds tool:

Using the BIOS to gather information

## Computer Information

BIOS Vendor: Contoso Inc.
BIOS Version string: A16
System BIOS Major Version: 6
System BIOS Minor Version: 0

System Manufacturer: Contoso Inc.
System Family: (null)
System ProductName: Contoso SYS01

Enclosure Type: Portable

Hardware IDs
{346511cf-ccee-5c6d-8ee9-3c70fc7aae83}    <- Manufacturer + Family + ProductName + BIOS Vendor + BIOS Version + Major Version + Minor Version
{d7be59e5-29b5-589a-b49d-de7265ef6a7b}    <- Manufacturer + Family + ProductName

In this example, the vendor (Contoso Inc.) would typically use the second hardware ID (d7be59e5-29b5-589a-b49d-de7265ef6a7b) for the value of the HardwareID element in the PackageInfo XML document of the vendor's device metadata package.

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