DevCon Classes

Lists all device setup classes, including classes that devices on the system do not use. Valid on local and remote computers.

    devcon [/m:\\computer] classes 


Runs the command on the specified remote computer. The backslashes are required.

Note To run DevCon commands on a remote computer, the Group Policy setting must allow the Plug and Play service to run on the remote computer. On computers that run Windows Vista and Windows 7, the Group Policy disables remote access to the service by default. On computers that run WDK 8.1 and WDK 8, the remote access is unavailable.


The /m parameter must precede the operation name (classes). Otherwise, DevCon ignores the /m parameter and displays the classes on the local computer without returning a syntax error.

In the DevCon display, classes are listed in the order that they appear in the registry (alphanumeric order by GUID).

To find the devices in a setup class, use the DevCon ListClass operation. To find the setup class of a particular device, use the DevCon Stack operation.

Sample Usage

devcon classes
devcon classes > setupclasses.txt
devcon /m:\\Server01 classes


Example 4: List classes on the local computer

Example 5: List classes on the remote computer