DevCon Dp_add

Adds a third-party (OEM) driver package to the driver store on the local computer.

    devcon dp_add inf


The fully qualified path and name of the INF file for the driver package.


A DevCon dp_add command copies the specified INF file to the %windir%/Inf directory and renames it OEM*.inf. This file name is unique on the computer and you cannot specify it.

If this INF file already exists in %windir%/Inf (as determined by comparing the binary files, not by matching the file names) and the catalog (.cat) file for the INF is identical to a catalog file in the directory, the INF file is not recopied to the %windir%/Inf directory.

This command calls the SetupCopyOEMInf function with no CopyStyle flags. SetupCopyOEMInf is described in the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation.

Sample Usage

devcon dp_add C:\WinDDK\5322\src\general\toaste


Example 45: Add and Remove Driver Packages