DevCon Rescan

Uses Windows Plug and Play features to update the device list for the computer. Valid on local and remote computers.

    devcon [/m:\\computer] [/r] rescan 


Runs the command on the specified remote computer. The backslashes are required.

Note To run DevCon commands on a remote computer, the Group Policy setting must allow the Plug and Play service to run on the remote computer. On computers that run Windows Vista and Windows 7, the Group Policy disables remote access to the service by default. On computers that run WDK 8.1 and WDK 8, the remote access is unavailable.

Conditional reboot. Reboots the system after completing an operation only if a reboot is required to make a change effective.


The /m parameter must precede the operation name (rescan). Otherwise, DevCon ignores the /m parameter and scans the local computer without returning a syntax error.

Rescanning can cause the Plug and Play manager to detect new devices and to install device drivers without warning.

Rescanning can detect some non-Plug and Play devices, particularly those that cannot notify the system when they are installed, such as parallel-port devices and serial-port devices. As a result, you must have Administrator privileges to run DevCon Rescan commands.

Sample Usage

devcon rescan
devcon /m:\\Server01 rescan


Example 37: Scan the computer for new devices