Editing Boot Options

This section is a practical guide to editing the boot options on a computer running Windows Server 2008, Windows ServerĀ 2012, or Windows 7 or later. It suggests a step-by-step procedure for customizing the basic elements of boot options.

This section describes a method of using BCDEdit, a tool included with the operating system. For information about BCDEdit command syntax, type bcdedit /? or bcdedit /? TOPICS in a Command Prompt window. See BCDEdit Options Reference for more information.


Before setting BCDEdit options you might need to disable or suspend BitLocker and Secure Boot on the computer.

For help on editing boot entry parameters to enable and disable Windows features, see Using Boot Parameters.

To configure operating system features in boot options:

Then, to make testing quicker and easier:

BCDEdit Command-Line Options


Administrative privileges are required to use BCDEdit to modify BCD. Changing some boot entry options using the BCDEdit /set command could render your computer inoperable. As an alternative, use the System Configuration utility (MSConfig.exe) to change boot settings.