PwrTest Platform Idle Scenario

The PwrTest Platform Idle Scenario (/platidle) polls and attempts to log platform idle transition counts if they are supported by the computer.

This scenario is useful for tracking platform idle state transitions that occur while the computer is in use. This scenario can also help diagnose if a system is entering deep platform idle states (if manually entered via the power button).

The /platidle scenario requires that the computer has support for the Always on Always connected (AoAc) power capability.


pwrtest /platidle  [/t:n] [/i:n] [/?] 

Specifies the total time (in minutes) for the scenario to run (the default value for n is 30 minutes).

Specifies the polling interval (in seconds) for gathering platform idle statistics (the default value for n is 5 seconds).


pwrtest /platidle /t:60
pwrtest /platidle

XML log file output

    <PlatformIdleStats StateCount="X" Timestamp="XX/XX/XXXX:XX:XX:XX.XXX">
        <State Index="X" SuccessCount="X" FailureCount="X" CancelCount="X"/>

The following table describes the XML elements that appear in the log file.

Element Description

Contains all platform idle statistics. There is only one <PlatIdle> element in a PwrTest log file


Platform idle statistics block.

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