Configuring a Protected Output

The display miniport driver can receive requests to configure the protected output that is associated with a graphics adapter's physical output connector. The display miniport driver's DxgkDdiOPMConfigureProtectedOutput function is passed a pointer to a DXGKMDT_OPM_CONFIGURE_PARAMETERS structure that specifies how to configure the protected output. The guidSetting and abParameters members of DXGKMDT_OPM_CONFIGURE_PARAMETERS specify the configuration request.

Note Before DxgkDdiOPMConfigureProtectedOutput returns, the display miniport driver must verify that the One-key Cipher Block Chaining (CBC)-mode message authentication code (OMAC) that is specified in the omac member of DXGKMDT_OPM_CONFIGURE_PARAMETERS is correct. For more information about verifying OMAC, see OMAC-1 algorithm. The driver must also verify that the sequence number that is specified in the ulSequenceNumber member of DXGKMDT_OPM_CONFIGURE_PARAMETERS matches the sequence number that the driver currently has stored. The driver must then increment the stored sequence number.

The display miniport driver should support the following configuration requests:

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