Deinterlacing and Compositing on 64-bit Operating Systems

This section applies only to Windows Server 2003 with SP1 and later, and Windows XP with SP2 and later.

To ensure that deinterlacing with substream-compositing operations initiated by a 32-bit application run successfully on a 64-bit operating system, the display driver code must first detect whether the application is 32 bit or 64 bit. To perform the detection, the driver should check the size of the DXVA_DeinterlaceBltEx structure that the application passes. If the driver determines that the initiating application is 32 bit, the driver should handle the deinterlacing operations by thunking. The driver should use the DXVA_VideoSample32 and DXVA_DeinterlaceBltEx32 structures to perform the deinterlace thunk. For more information about thunking, see Supporting 32-Bit I/O in Your 64-Bit Driver.

Note When the driver code is compiled for 64-bit, the DXVA_VideoSample2 structure contains two extra DWORD members to make the size of the 32-bit version of DXVA_VideoSample2 different from the 64-bit version. Because of an 8-byte alignment, the 32-bit compiler adds 4 bytes of padding to the end of the 32-bit version, which--without these two extra DWORD members--makes the 32-bit version the same size as the 64-bit version, even accounting for the pointer-size difference between 32 bit and 64 bit. With two extra DWORD members included in DXVA_VideoSample2 for 64-bit compile, the driver can differentiate between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions based on the Size member of the DXVA_DeinterlaceBltEx structure.

The following example code demonstrates how the driver should handle the thunk:

switch (lpData->dwFunction) {
case DXVA_DeinterlaceBltExFnCode:
    {   DXVA_DeinterlaceBltEx* pBlt = (DXVA_DeinterlaceBltEx*)lpData->lpInputData; 
        switch (pBlt->Size) {
             case sizeof(DXVA_DeinterlaceBltEx): // should be 4400 bytes on Win64
                                                // should be 4144 bytes on Win32
#ifdef _WIN64
             case sizeof(DXVA_DeinterlaceBltEx32): // should be 4144 bytes
                  // 32-bit structure, so thunk it!
                  // unknown structure, so return error;