Multiplane overlay support

Multiplane overlays can be supported by Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 1.3 and later drivers. This capability is new starting with Windows 8.1.

These sections describe how to implement this capability in your driver:

Multiplane overlay functions called by user-mode display drivers
All user-mode multiplane overlay functions that the operating system implements.

Multiplane overlay functions implemented by the user-mode driver
All functions that a user-mode driver must implement in order to support multiplane overlays.

Multiplane overlay user-mode structures and enumerations
All user-mode structures and enumerations that are used with multiplane overlay device driver interfaces (DDIs).

Multiplane overlay kernel-mode driver-implemented functions
All multiplane overlay functions that the display miniport driver implements.

Multiplane overlay kernel-mode structures
All structures that are used by the display miniport driver.

Multiplane overlay kernel-mode enumerations
All enumerations that are used by the display miniport driver.

This user-mode enumeration constant value supports multiplane overlays and is new for Windows 8.1: