Required DirectX 9.0 Driver Support

The DirectX 9.0 runtime will supply hardware acceleration if the display driver is a DirectX 7.0 or later driver. However, for a driver to be loaded by the operating system as a version 9.0 driver, it must implement the features that are described in the following sections:

Supporting Two-Dimensional Operations

Supporting Dynamic Resources

Supporting Vertex Shader Declarations

Supporting Stream Offsets

Reporting Support of UBYTE4 Vertex Element

Supporting Commands for Setting Render Target

Setting Scissor Rectangle

Notifying about DirectX Version

Reporting DDI Version

A DirectX 9.0 version driver must support:

  • Reporting the capabilities of its device by returning a D3DCAPS9 structure when requested. The driver returns a D3DCAPS9 structure in response to a GetDriverInfo2 request using the D3DGDI2_TYPE_GETD3DCAPS9 value similarly to how it returns a D3DCAPS8 structure as described in Reporting DirectX 8.0 Style Direct3D Capabilities. Support of this request is described in Supporting GetDriverInfo2. D3DCAPS9 contains both DirectX 9.0 and DirectX 8.0 related capabilities.
The driver must continue to report only DirectX 8.0 related capabilities in D3DCAPS8 when queried by the DirectX 8.0 runtime.
Querying asynchronously imposes two new requirements on the [**D3dDrawPrimitives2**]( DDI. For more information, see [Imposing Requirements on the D3dDrawPrimitives2 DDI](