Video Miniport Driver Requirements (Windows 2000 Model)

The following are some of the requirements for video miniport drivers.

  • An NT-based operating system video miniport driver must be a single .sys file.

    A miniport driver consists of a single binary file. The miniport driver's main purpose is to detect, initialize, and configure one or more graphics adapters of the same type.

  • A miniport driver can only make calls exported by videoprt.sys.

    A miniport driver can call only those functions that are exported by the system-supplied video port driver. (The exported video port functions are listed on the reference pages following Video Port Driver Functions.) Driver writers can also use the following to determine which functions a miniport driver is calling:

    link -dump -imports my_driver.sys

    A miniport driver cannot load or install another driver on the machine using undocumented operating system function calls.

  • A miniport driver can enable panning only upon receiving an end-user request.

    Panning must be disabled by default. The miniport driver should enable it only when it is requested through a control panel. OEMs can enable panning by default as a part of their preinstall.