Defining the geolocation sensor as an object


This documentation and the geolocation driver sample for Windows 8.1 has been deprecated.

The sensors geolocation driver sample treats its simulated geolocation-sensor as an object. This object is declared in the header file named geolocation.h. (For a description of the header file and the other driver sample files refer to The sample driver file list section.)

The header file contains a data structure that defines the properties supported by the pseudo sensor. In addition, the header file contains the definitions of the methods that do the following:

The definitions of the corresponding methods are found in a source file named: geolocation.cpp.

To extend this sample to support hardware, create similar header and source files that declare and define the corresponding objects for your device. For more information about extending this sample, see Adding support for actual hardware.

Adding support for actual hardware
Initialize the geolocation object
The sample driver file list