Docking versus laptop slate conversion

This topic describes the distinctions for indicators between laptop slate conversion and docking actions.

Laptop slate conversion

A laptop slate conversion is a user action that changes the keyboard availability at the same time that the user keeps the system portable (not physically attached). Examples of such actions are as follows:

  • Attach a portable keyboard accessory (with our without a battery pack).
  • Flips, swivels, or revolves a permanently attached keyboard.


Docking is considered to be the user action of attaching the portable system to a stationary (non-portable) docking accessory. Examples of such actions are as follows:

  • Attach to a port replicator.
  • Attach to a stationary docking accessory that has integrated keyboard. In this case, both a docking action and a laptop/slate conversion occur, so both indicators must be implemented.

USB based docking accessories are outside the scope of the GPIO dock indicator implementation.