Color Management for Still Image Devices

Vendors should provide one or more color profiles for each still image device. Color profile file names should be included in the vendor-supplied INF file. If your device generates sRGB data, you can specify the system-supplied standard color profile, sRGB Color Space Profile.icm. The installer copies the supplied file names to one of the registry entries for still image devices.

If the device generates images using another color space, you will need to use a different color profile. Whether your device generates sRGB data or data in another color space, you will obtain the best results if you use a single color space consistently.

A still-image device must be made aware of the color space it sends its data to. For example, suppose that a user resets the gamma level (on a system that allows modification of the data source). The application will not be aware of this change.

For more information about color management, see the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation.