Installing a WIA Scanner Driver with WSD

To install a WIA scanner driver with WSD, you should use the WSDScan.sys kernel-mode driver, which is provided as part of Windows Vista. During IRP_MN_START_DEVICE, WSDScan.sys reads the PKEY_PNPX_ID device property and saves it to the registry. The device property is written to a device key that is created in the registry for the imaging device that is being installed and to the CreateFileName WIA registry value (which is described in INF Files for WIA Devices). This value is returned by the WIA service to the WIA minidriver when the IStiDeviceControl::GetMyDevicePortName call is made during the IStiUSD::Initialize method.

A WIA minidriver for a web service scanner that is using WSDScan.sys has its CreateFileName value initialized when the device is installed. To initialize this value, the INF file for the WIA minidriver must reference STI.WSDSection and STI.WSDSection.Services from the Sti.inf file in the Install and Services sections of the minidriver INF file, as shown in Sample INF File for a Web Services Scanner.