Driver Rank Information in the SetupAPI Log

Windows uses a signature indicator to represent the signature type. Windows saves this information in a driver store database for internal use.

When Windows installs a driver, SetupAPI adds a Rank entry that logs the driver rank in hexadecimal format and a Signer Score entry that logs the signature type. The following is an excerpt from a SetupAPI device log that shows, in bold font style, an example of a Rank entry and an example of a Signer Score entry. In this excerpt, the Rank entry indicates that the driver has a rank of "0x0dff0000" and the Signer Score entry indicates that the driver is an inbox driver.

     dvi:      Created Driver Node:
     dvi:           HardwareID   - ROOT\UPDATE
     dvi:           InfName      - D:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\machine.inf_36c3d8da\machine.inf
     dvi:           DevDesc      - Microcode Update Device
     dvi:           DrvDesc      - Microcode Update Device
     dvi:           Provider     - Microsoft
     dvi:           Mfg          - (Standard system devices)
     dvi:           InstallSec   - UPDATE_DRV
     dvi:           ActualSec    - UPDATE_DRV
     dvi:           Rank         - 0x0dff0000
     dvi:           Signer       - Microsoft Windows Component Publisher
     dvi:           Signer Score - INBOX
     dvi:           DrvDate      - 10/01/2002
     dvi:           Version      - 6.0.5270.8

The following is a list of the Signer Score entries that Windows logs in the SetupAPI device log for each type of signature:

Premium WHQL signature
"Signer Score - WHQL Logo Gold"

Standard WHQL signature
"Signer Score - WHQL Logo Silver"

An unspecified Microsoft signature
"Signer Score - WHQL Unclassified"

A WHQL signature for a Windows version earlier than Windows Vista and equal to or later than the LowerLogoVersion value of the driver's device setup class.
"Signer Score - WHQL"

A Microsoft signature for an inbox driver
"Signer Score - INBOX"

An Authenticode signature or WHQL signature for a Windows version earlier than the version that is specified by LowerLogoVersion for the device setup class of the driver
"Signer Score - Authenticode"

Unsigned driver
"Signer Score - Not digitally signed"

For more information about driver ranking, see How Windows Ranks Drivers (Windows Vista and Later).