Properties and Related System-Defined Items

In Windows Vista and later versions of Windows, the unified device property model manages the correspondence between the following system-defined items that pertain to the installation and management of devices:

  • The system-defined properties and their corresponding property keys, property data types, and property values.

  • The SPDRP_Xxx device instance property identifiers and the SPCRP_Xxx device setup class property identifiers that are defined in Setupapi.h. The CM_DRP_Xxx device instance property identifiers and the CM_CRP_Xxxdevice setup class identifiers that are defined in Cfgmgr32.h.

  • The REGSTR_VAL_Xxx registry entry value identifiers that pertain to device installation and management. These identifiers are defined in Regstr.h.

  • Registry entry values that correspond to device properties.

  • INF file entry values that modify device properties.

For information about the correspondence between the system-defined items that are associated with the device properties, see the following topics:

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