Sample INF Models Sections for Only One Target Operating System

It is possible to use decorated INF Models sections to limit the range of applicable target operating systems.

The following example shows an INF Manufacturer section with various INF Models sections that will prevent Windows from installing a device on x86-based systems not running Windows Vista.

%Msft% = Msft, NTx86.6.0, NT.6.1

;For Windows Vista only

%NetVMini.DeviceDesc%    = NetVMini.ndi, root\NetVMini ; Root enumerated 
%NetVMini.DeviceDesc%    = NetVMini.ndi, {b85b7c50-6a01-11d2-b841-00c04fad5171}\NetVMini ; Toaster Bus enumerated 

;For Windows 7 and later


In this example, the INF Manufacturer section has the following INF Models sections:

  • A complete INF Models section for Windows Vista on x86-based systems that include device descriptions and hardware identifiers (IDs). Windows will select and use this section when it installs the device on x86-based systems that are running Windows Vista.

  • An empty INF Models section for Windows 7 and later versions of Windows on any hardware platform. Windows will select this section for device installation on these platforms. However, because the section contains no specific device descriptions or hardware IDs, Windows will not install any devices through this INF file.