Target Media for INF Files

An INF file specifies the target location for device files that have a DestinationDirs section. This section should always be specified in the same INF file as the section with the copy, rename, or delete statements.

A DestinationDirs section should include a DefaultDestDir entry.

If an INF has copy, rename, or delete sections but no DestinationDirs section and the INF includes other INF files, Windows searches the included INF files for target location information. However, the order in which Windows searches the included files is not predictable. Therefore, there is a risk that Windows will, for example, copy files to a location not intended by the INF writer. To avoid such confusion, always specify a DestinationDirs section in an INF that contains copy, rename, or delete sections. The DestinationDirs section should include at least a DefaultDestDir entry and can list sections in the INF that copy, rename, or delete files.