Design help and support pages in a mobile broadband app

Customers who encounter issues using your mobile broadband service will go to the Help and Support page:

help and support page

We recommend that you show the following information in the Help and Support section:

  • Instructions or tutorial videos on how to use the mobile broadband service

  • FAQs about mobile broadband hardware and service

  • Online chat with customer support

  • Customer support telephone number

  • Hardware and software diagnostics information

Quick summary

Appropriate design for help and support page:

  • Displaying Help and Support content should not require Internet access. The customer might not have Internet access because they are having issues connecting to your service.

Inappropriate design for help and support page:

  • Don’t display links that open a web page in an external web browser.

  • All help and support content should appear inside the app, and the user shouldn’t have to switch between apps.

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