ControlFlags Section in a Network INF File

A ControlFlags section in a network INF file is based on the generic INF ControlFlags section.

The ControlFlags section in a network INF file typically has one or more ExcludeFromSelect entries. Each ExcludeFromSelect entry specifies a network component that will not be displayed to the end user as an option during a manual installation.

The ControlFlags section in a network INF file must contain an ExcludeFromSelect entry for each Plug and Play adapter that it installs, and for any software component that should be added programmatically rather than manually by the user.

Adapters that are not compatible with Plug and Play must be added manually by the user and therefore should not be listed in the ControlFlags section. For example, non-PnP ISA adapters and EISA adapters must be manually added by the user. Note that Windows XP and later operating systems do not support non-PnP ISA adapters and EISA adapters.

Note An ExcludeFromSelect entry performs a different function than does the NCF_HIDDEN value of the Characteristics entry in the DDInstall section. For more information, see DDInstall Section.

An ExcludeFromSelect entry prevents an adapter or software component from being listed in the Select Component for Installation dialog box. The adapter or component, however, can still be listed in the Connections dialog box. The NCF_HIDDEN value prevents the adapter or component from being displayed in any part of the user interface, including the Connections dialog box.