Filling In the Queried State

[The TCP chimney offload feature is deprecated and should not be used.]

The offload target queries the state that is identified by the NDIS_MINIPORT_OFFLOAD_BLOCK_LIST structures in the state tree. An NDIS_MINIPORT_OFFLOAD_BLOCK_LIST structure references state to be queried if its MiniportOffloadContext member points to a memory location that contains a non-NULL PVOID value. (For more information about the MiniportOffloadContext member, see Storing and Referencing Offloaded State.) This PVOID value references the miniport offload context that contains the state to be queried.

An NDIS_MINIPORT_OFFLOAD_BLOCK_LIST structure that references state to be queried is immediately followed in memory by an offload state structure. The offload target writes the queried state into the offload state structure.