Filter Module Send and Receive Operations

This section documents send and receive operations for NDIS 6.0 filter drivers. Filter drivers can initiate send requests and receive indications or filter the requests and indications of other drivers.

Filter modules are stacked over a miniport adapter. For more information about the driver stack, see NDIS 6.0 Driver Stack.

The filter modules in the driver stack can filter all send requests and receive indications that are associated with the underlying adapter. This is true for all protocol bindings to an adapter. For more information about NDIS 6.0 send and receive operations, see Send and Receive Operations.

Filter drivers do not provide direct support for legacy send and receive operations that are based on the NDIS_PACKET structure. Instead, NDIS converts receive indications from legacy miniport drivers to NET_BUFFER structures. Also, NDIS handles the required conversions from send requests that are based on NET_BUFFER structures to legacy send requests that are based on NDIS_PACKET structures.

Note  A filter driver can change the send and receive FliterXxx functions for a filter module dynamically. For more information, see Data Bypass Mode.

The following topics provide additional information about filter driver send and receive operations:

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