INF DDInstall.HW Section for PF Miniport Drivers

INF DDInstall.HW sections are typically used for setting up any device-specific information in the registry, whether with explicit AddReg directives or with Include and Needs entries.

The INF file for the miniport driver of the PCI Express (PCIe) Physical Function (PF) network adapter must have a DDInstall.HW section that contains the following INF entries:

  • An Include entry that specifies the pci.inf file that is included with the Windows operating system.

  • A Needs entry that specifies the PciSriovSupported.HW section to include from the pci.inf file. This section defines standard INF settings that apply to all PF miniport drivers for network adapters that support the single root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) interface.

The following is an example of a DDInstall.HW section for a PF miniport driver:



For more information about the DDInstall section, see DDInstall Section in a Network INF File.

For more information about the DDInstall.HW section, see INF DDInstall.HW Section.