Managing NetDMA Interrupts

Note The NetDMA interface is not supported in Windows 8 and later.

With the NetDMA interface, you can complete dynamic memory access (DMA) operations with an interrupt service routine (ISR). For general information about servicing interrupts in Microsoft Windows drivers, see Servicing Interrupts.

DMA providers can use line-based interrupts if the computer does not support message-based interrupts (MSI). NetDMA providers must use extended message-based interrupts (MSI-X) on computers that support MSI-X. If the computer supports MSI-X and the NetDMA interface calls the ProviderSetDmaChannelCpuAffinity function, the NetDMA provider driver must set the CPU affinities for the interrupts that are associated with each DMA channel.

This section includes:

Setting the NetDMA Interrupt CPU Affinities

Handling a NetDMA Interrupt

Handling a NetDMA Interrupt DPC