Metadata field L2 identifiers

Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 introduce metadata field L2 identifiers.

The metadata field L2 identifiers are each represented by a bit field. These identifiers are defined as follows:

Metadata field identifier Description
FWPS_L2_METADATA_FIELD_ETHERNET_MAC_HEADER_SIZE The size, in bytes, of the MAC header.
FWPS_L2_METADATA_FIELD_VSWITCH_DESTINATION_PORT_ID The identifier for the destination port on the virtual switch.
FWPS_L2_METADATA_FIELD_VSWITCH_PACKET_CONTEXT A HANDLE to the virtual switch packet context.
FWPS_L2_METADATA_FIELD_VSWITCH_SOURCE_NIC_INDEX The index for the source NIC on the virtual switch.
FWPS_L2_METADATA_FIELD_VSWITCH_SOURCE_PORT_ID The identifier for the source port on the virtual switch.
FWPS_L2_METADATA_FIELD_WIFI_OPERATION_MODE The current Native 802.11 operation mode.

Metadata field identifiers

Metadata fields at each filtering layer


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