Native 802.11 Receive Operations

Important The Native 802.11 Wireless LAN interface is deprecated in Windows 10 and later. Please use the WLAN Device Driver Interface (WDI) instead. For more information about WDI, see WLAN Universal Windows driver model.

The following topics describe the procedures used by the Native 802.11 miniport driver operating in Extensible Station (ExtSTA) mode when receiving packets over the wireless LAN (WLAN) media.

Privacy Exemption Lists

Media-Specific OOB Data for Received 802.11 Packets

Indicating Raw 802.11 Packets

Guidelines for 802.11 Promiscuous Receive Operations

Guidelines for Native 802.11 Extensible Station Receive Operations

Guidelines for Native 802.11 Network Monitor Receive Operations

Guidelines for Indicating Received 802.11 Packets

For more information about the methods used by the miniport driver to receive and indicate packets, see Miniport Driver Send and Receive Operations.