NDIS Object Version Issues for WMI

This topic describes the NDIS object version issues that affect Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) support.

There is no versioning inside a WMI managed object format (MOF) file. Therefore, if the corresponding NDIS structure has a new revision, more fields have been added to the MOF data objects.

The NDIS_WMI_Xxx_HEADER structures have a new revision when more members are added for a new NDIS version. For a list of the current NDIS_WMI_Xxx_HEADER structures, see NDIS WMI Structures.

When applications access the WMI information for a query operation, they must check the version in the returned buffer before they access any data. For a set operation, applications must check the SupportedRevision member in the NDIS_WMI_OUTPUT_INFO structure to determine which version the underlying driver has accepted.

Many WMI objects contain the MSNdis_ObjectHeader property, which is equivalent to the NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER structure. When populating the MSNdis_ObjectHeader property, set the Type and Revision fields as documented in the NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER topic. To ensure seamless portability to 64-bit systems, set the Size field to 0xFFFF.

Overview of NDIS versions

Specifying NDIS Version Information