Receive Side Scaling

Receive side scaling (RSS) improves the system performance related to handling of network data on multiprocessor systems.

For introductory information about RSS, see Introduction to Receive Side Scaling.

Starting with Windows 10, version 1709, RSS Version 2 (RSSv2) is available for miniport drivers. RSSv2 improves on the base RSS model by offering per-VPort spreading. For more info, see Receive Side Scaling Version 2 (RSSv2). RSSv2 is preview only in Windows 10, version 1709.

The following topics describe the RSS implementations that are possible with different levels of hardware and software support:

Non-RSS Receive Processing

RSS with a Single Hardware Receive Queue

RSS with Hardware Queuing

RSS with Message Signaled Interrupts

The following topics provide additional information about RSS:

RSS Hashing Types

RSS Hashing Functions

Verifying the RSS Hash Calculation

RSS Configuration

Setting the RSS CPU Configuration

Standardized INF Keywords for RSS

Indicating RSS Receive Data

Supporting RSS in Intermediate Drivers or Filter Drivers