NDIS Scatter/Gather DMA

NDIS miniport drivers can use the Scatter/Gather DMA (SGDMA) method to transfer data between a NIC and system memory. A successful DMA transfer requires the physical address of the data to be in an address range that the NIC supports. HAL provides a mechanism for drivers to obtain the physical address list for an MDL chain and, if necessary, will double-buffer the data to a physical address range.

In NDIS versions prior to NDIS 6.0, SGDMA support in miniport drivers and NDIS is limited in some respects, and in particular does not work well in a multipacket send scenario. The NDIS 6.0 SGDMA support overcomes these limitations while providing a simple interface for miniport drivers.

The following topics provide more background information about SGDMA:

Miniport Driver Scatter/Gather DMA