Miniport drivers use the NDIS_STATUS_WWAN_SMS_RECEIVE notification to inform the MB Service about either the completion of a previous read request through a OID_WWAN_SMS_READ query request, or the arrival of a new class-0 (flash/alert) message from the network provider as an event notification.

Miniport drivers can also send unsolicited events with this notification.

This notification uses the NDIS_WWAN_SMS_RECEIVE structure.


RequestId is set to "0" by the miniport driver to indicate the arrival of the new class-0 (flash/alert) message. Arrival of new class-0 (flash/alert) messages is dependent on the current network registration state.

If the request for read results in retrieval of large number of SMS records that can't be accommodated in a pre-allocated buffer of miniport driver, then the SMS records can be sent to the MB Service in multiple indications. The uStatus in this case must be set to WWAN_STATUS_SMS_MORE_DATA for the intermediate transactions and the final transaction must end with WWAN_STATUS_SUCCESS.

The following diagram represents the usage of the multiple indication method for large number of SMS record retrieval:

diagram illustrating the usage of the multiple indication method for a large number of sms record retrieval



Available in Windows 7 and later versions of Windows.



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