NDIS Support for WMI

Through NDIS, clients of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) can obtain and set information that NDIS and NDIS drivers service. WMI clients can also register to receive status updates.

NDIS automatically registers miniport adapters, named virtual connections (VCs), and a set of globally unique identifiers (GUIDs) for each miniport adapter with WMI. For more information about these GUIDs, see Standard Miniport Driver OIDs Registered with WMI. Miniport drivers can also provide support for custom object identifiers (OIDs) and custom status indications, as the Customized OIDs and Status Indications topic describes.

NDIS does not provide WMI support for protocol drivers. A protocol driver, or an intermediate driver, can create a device object for itself and register directly with WMI. For more information about registering directly with WMI, see Registering as a WMI Data Provider.

For more information about the WMI architecture, see Windows Management Instrumentation.

This section includes:

Registration and Deregistration of NDIS Miniport Drivers with WMI

Mapping of GUIDs to OIDs and Miniport Driver Status

Support for Named VCs

NDIS-Supported WMI Operations

Standard WMI OIDs and Status Indications

Customized OIDs and Status Indications