OID_WDI_TASK_P2P_SEND_RESPONSE_ACTION_FRAME is issued to the IHV component to send a Wi-Fi Direct Public Action Frame Request to a peer.

Object Abort capable Default priority (host driver policy) Normal execution time (seconds)
Port Yes. The port must be in a clean state after the abort. 3 5

When port receives an acknowledgment for a request frame, it shall dwell on the same channel for 100ms and indicate any Wi-Fi Direct Public Action Frames it receives to the host.

This task is time sensitive. The Wi-Fi Direct specification requires that sending Wi-Fi Direct action responses are only serviced within 100 milliseconds of receiving this packet.

While the maximum timeout has not expired, the port shall retry sending the Wi-Fi Direct to the remote device on the appropriate channel as defined by the following table. The table defines the explicit channel requirements for where to send the packets when the command is issued. The general rule is that the response packet shall be sent out on the same channel as the prior request.

Response Action Frame Type Target Transmit Channel
GO Negotiation Response Local Listen Channel
GO Negotiation Confirmation Remote Listen Channel
Invitation Response Local Listen or Local GO Operational Channel
Provision Discovery Response Local Listen Channel or Remote GO Operational Channel

The task is complete either when local device receives an acknowledgment from the remote device for the action frame that was sent, the timeout expires, or the host aborts the operation. The device may indicate task completion after the same-channel dwell time has expired.

The host may decide to abort this operation and continue/retry the Wi-Fi Direct action frame exchange, so it is important that the device is able to abort this operation quickly.


For miniport drivers that support WDI version 1.1.8 and later, additional validation of the P2P IEs on outgoing P2P Action Frames has been added. This validation addresses a common problem in which the Configuration Timeout attribute of the P2P IE has not been converted form units of milliseconds, as provided to the LE in OID_WDI_TASK_P2P_SEND_REQUEST_ACTION_FRAME and OID_WDI_TASK_P2P_SEND_RESPONSE_ACTION_FRAME, to units of tens of milliseconds, which is the IE format.

The Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi Direct Services HLK tests will fail for drivers supporting WDI version 1.1.8 and later if the Configuration Timeout attribute of the P2P IE is not encoded correctly on an outgoing action frame. For WDI versions 1.1.7 and earlier, the tests will print a warning to the test output.

The WDI interface itself is unchanged and continues to use units of milliseconds just as it did in versions 1.1.7 and earlier.

Task parameters

TLV Multiple TLV instances allowed Optional Description
WDI_TLV_P2P_ACTION_FRAME_RESPONSE_PARAMETERS Parameters such as action frame type, device address of target peer adapter, and dialog token.
WDI_TLV_P2P_GO_NEGOTIATION_RESPONSE_INFO X GO Negotiation Response Parameters. The port shall only examine this structure if wfdRequestFrameType is a GO Negotiation Response.
WDI_TLV_P2P_GO_NEGOTIATION_CONFIRMATION_INFO X GO Negotiation Confirmation Parameters. The port shall only examine this structure if wfdRequestFrameType is a GO Negotiation Confirmation.
WDI_TLV_P2P_INVITATION_RESPONSE_INFO X Invitation Response Parameters. The port shall only examine this structure if wfdRequestFrameType is an Invitation Response.
WDI_TLV_P2P_PROVISION_DISCOVERY_RESPONSE_INFO X Provision Discovery Response Parameters. The port shall only examine this structure if wfdRequestFrameType is an Provision Discovery Response.
WDI_TLV_P2P_INCOMING_FRAME_INFORMATION Information that was indicated from the previously received P2P Action Frame. The received indication is provided back to the port.
WDI_TLV_VENDOR_SPECIFIC_IE X One or more IEs that must be included in the frame sent by the port.

Task completion indication



Minimum supported client

Windows 10

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2016