OID_WWAN_UICC_APP_LIST retrieves a list of applications in a UICC and information about them.

Miniport drivers must process Query requests asynchronously, initially returning NDIS_STATUS_INDICATION_REQUIRED to the original request before later sending an NDIS_STATUS_WWAN_UICC_UICC_APP_LIST status notification containing an NDIS_WWAN_UICC_APP_LIST structure that describes the app list for the UICC.

Set requests are not applicable.


When the UICC in the modem is fully initialized and ready to register with the mobile operator, a UICC application must be selected for registration and a Query request with this OID should return the selected application in the ActiveAppIndex field of the WWAN_UICC_APP_LIST structure used in response.

For more information about usage of this OID, see MB UICC application and file system access.


Version Windows 10, version 1903
Header Ntddndis.h (include Ndis.h)

See also

MB UICC application and file system access