Porting CoNDIS Driver Registration to CoNDIS 6.0

In NDIS 5.x, CoNDIS drivers register the primary ProtocolXxx and MiniportXxx functions during normal driver registration. To support CoNDIS, NDIS 6.0 drivers must register the CoNDIS function entry points by calling the NdisSetOptionalHandlers function. NDIS 6.0 protocol drivers must provide an NDIS_PROTOCOL_CO_CHARACTERISTICS structure, And NDIS 6.0 miniport drivers must provide an NDIS_MINIPORT_CO_CHARACTERISTICS structure.

In NDIS 5.x, protocol drivers and miniport call managers (MCMs) register additional entry points when they register an address family (AF). In NDIS 6.0, drivers register these additional entry points by calling NdisSetOptionalHandlers.

This section includes the following topics:

Porting CoNDIS Miniport Driver Registration

Porting CoNDIS Client Registration

Porting CoNDIS Call Manager Registration

Porting CoNDIS MCM Registration