Porting Miniport Driver Send and Receive Operations to NDIS 6.0

Data transfer code paths in NDIS 6.0 have changed as follows:

  • All NDIS 6.0 miniport drivers are deserialized.

  • The NET_BUFFER_LIST structures and NET_BUFFER structures replace the NDIS_PACKET structure.

  • Drivers can send and receive multiple packets in a single call without determining the number of packets beforehand. This is because the packets are provided in a linked list of NET_BUFFER structures instead of an array of NDIS_PACKET structures.

  • The completion status of a send or receive operation is indicated in the Status member of the NET_BUFFER_LIST structure. This completion status is not returned as a function return code or a parameter of the NdisMSendComplete function.

For more information about these changes, see NET_BUFFER Architecture.

Additional information about porting send and receive operations is included in the following topics:

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