Processing Flow Delete Callouts

When a data flow that is being processed by a callout is stopped, the filter engine calls the callout's flowDeleteFn callout function if the callout driver previously associated a context with the data flow. A callout's flowDeleteFn callout function performs any necessary clean up of the context that the callout driver associated with the data flow before the data flow is stopped.

For example:

// Context structure to be associated with data flows
typedef struct FLOW_CONTEXT_ {

#define FLOW_CONTEXT_POOL_TAG 'fcpt'

// flowDeleteFn callout function
    IN UINT16  layerId,
    IN UINT32  calloutId,
    IN UINT64  flowContext
  PFLOW_CONTEXT context;

  // Get the flow context structure
 context = (PFLOW_CONTEXT)flowContext;

  // Cleanup the flow context structure

  // Free the memory for the flow context structure

The filter engine automatically removes the context that a callout associated with a data flow when the data flow is stopped. Therefore, a callout is not required to call the FwpsFlowRemoveContext0 function from its flowDeleteFn callout function to remove the context from the data flow.