Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ) in NDIS 6.20

NDIS 6.20 introduces the virtual machine queue (VMQ) interface to support Microsoft Hyper-V network performance improvements. NDIS 6.20 and later drivers must provide information about VMQ capabilities during initialization. However, VMQ support is optional.

The VMQ interface in NDIS 6.20 and later supports:

  • Classification of received packets by using the destination MAC address to route the packets to different receive queues.

  • NIC ability to use DMA to transfer packets directly to a Hyper-V child partition's shared memory.

  • Scaling to multiple processors by processing packets for different Hyper-V partitions on different processors.

Microsoft Hyper-V network performance enhancements also provide chimney support for Hyper-V child partitions with no driver changes.

For more information about VMQ, see Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ).