Details of the IPrintCoreHelper Interface

The IPrintCoreHelper interface is roughly based on the Pscript5 UI replacement interface. However, there are two ways in which the IPrintCoreHelper interface is fundamentally different from the original Pscript5 helper interface.

  • The IPrintCoreHelper interface does not have a QuerySimulatedCapabilities method. Instead, the IPrintCoreHelper interface maps simulated features to the regular list of features and options in a well-defined and recognizable way.

  • In the IPrintCoreHelper interface, the caller is asked to pass in a DEVMODEW structure instead of an OEMUIOBJ structure.

If you use the IPrintCoreHelper interface or the interfaces that inherit from it, you should consider the following points:

  • For the IPrintCoreHelper interface, the strings that are used for the GetOption or SetOptions methods are the GPD strings, not the GDL strings, so features and options that are defined in an #ifdef GDL block are not available to the helper interface methods.

  • If a method on the IPrintCoreHelper interface (and its subinterfaces) has an OUT parameter and if the method fails, the OUT parameter retains the value it had when the method was called.

  • The memory model for the IPrintCoreHelper interface is slightly different from that of the previous Pscript5 interface. The caller is not responsible for cleaning up parameters that are passed back from the helper interface, and the caller does not need to allocate buffers to be passed in. The core driver handles these types of memory management.

This section provides the following topics:

Details of the IPrintCoreHelperUni Interface

Details of the IPrintCoreHelperPS Interface

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