General Attributes

General attributes represent one of the attribute types defined by the GPD language. General attributes are not associated with a particular feature or option. The general attributes are divided into the following groups:

Root-Level-Only Attributes

General Printing Attributes

Text Printing Attributes

Raster Printing Attributes

Vector Printing Attributes

Usually, you place all general attributes in a GPD file at root level (that is, not inside braces). The root-level-only attributes must always be placed at root level.

Occasionally, the value of a general attribute (except for the root-level-only attributes) is dependent on configuration parameters. In such a case, the attribute entry might be placed within an *Option statement, or a within a *Case statement (located either at root level or contained in an *Option statement). If the attribute is not at root level (either because it is contained in an *Option statement or because it is in a nonroot-level *Case statement), the attribute name must be prefixed by the EXTERN_GLOBAL symbol, as follows:

EXTERN_GLOBAL: *AttributeName: AttributeValue

For more information about specifying configuration dependencies, see Conditional Statements.

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