File system driver samples

The driver samples in this directory provide a starting point for writing a custom file system driver for your device.

File systems

Sample Name Solution Description
CDFS cdfs The CD-ROM file system driver (cdfs) sample is a file system driver for removable media.
FastFAT fastfat A file system driver based on the Windows inbox FastFAT file system used as a model for new file systems.
AVScan avscan This filter is a transaction-aware file scanner that examines data in files. Anti-virus might operate in this fashion.
CancelSafe cancelSafe A minifilter demonstrating the use of cancel-safe queues.
CDO cdo An example of using a control device object (CDO) with a minifilter.
Change change A transaction-aware filter that monitors file changes in real time.
Ctx ctx Demonstrates how to attach contexts to instances, files, streams, and stream handles in your minifilter.
Delete delete Demonstrates how to detect deletions of files or streams.
Metadata Manager MetadataManager Serves as an example of how to use files for storing metadata that corresponds to your minifilters. The implementation of this sample depicts scenarios in which modifications to the file might have to be blocked or the minifilter might be required to close the file temporarily.
Minispy minispy A tool to monitor and log any I/O and transaction activity that occurs in the system.
NameChanger NameChanger Grafts a directory from one part of a volume's namespace to another part using a mapping. The minifilter maintains this illusion by acting as a name provider, injecting entries into directory enumerations and forwarding directory change notifications
NullFilter nullFilter A minifilter that simply demonstrates registration with the filter manager.
PassThrough passThrough Demonstrates how to specify callback functions for different types of I/O requests.
Scanner scanner A file data scanner example. Typically, anti-virus filters are of this type.
SimRep simrep Demonstrates how a file system filter can simulate file-system like reparse-point behavior to redirect a file open to an alternate path.
SwapBuffer swapBuffers Demonstrates how to switch buffers between reads and writes of data. This technique is particularly useful for encryption filters.