Testing Location Functionality

The Sensor Diagnostic Tool includes a separate Location tab that logs properties that are specific to location. These properties include Latitude, Longitude, and Civic Address.

Note The Sensor Diagnostic Tool is acceptable for testing on Windows 8.1 and earlier operating systems. The tool is now deprecated for Windows 10, so for sensor driver testing and diagnostics on Windows 10 and later operating systems, please use the SensorInfo App from the Microsoft Store.

Configuring the Sensor Diagnostic Tool to Capture Location Data

The following procedure describes how to configure the Sensor Diagnostic Tool to capture events for the Windows Location Provider.

  1. Expand the node for the Windows Location Provider in the left Sensors pane and check the CONNECTED and SUBSCRIBED boxes.
  2. Click the Windows Location Provider node.

After you click the node, the Properties and Data tabs in the right pane update with location data.

Tracking Location Data

After you configure the Sensor Diagnostic Tool to capture location data (see the previous section in this topic), you can begin viewing specific properties and data by using the Location tab.

  1. Open the Location tab.
  2. To view latitude and longitude values, click the LatLong node in the left pane.
  3. To view a civic address, click the CivicAddress node in the left pane.

The Sensor Diagnostic Tool
Testing Sensor Functionality

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