Handling WMI SRBs in Storage Miniport Drivers

WMI interfaces that report information about a host bus adapter (HBA), or that allow WMI clients to interact with the HBA's storage miniport driver, usually require the miniport driver to function as a WMI provider. After a storage miniport driver registers as a WMI provider, it must be prepared to handle a special kind of SCSI request block (SRB) called a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) SCSI request block (SCSI_WMI_REQUEST_BLOCK).

To prepare your storage miniport driver to handle WMI SRBs, complete the following steps:

  1. Design and compile a Managed Object Format (MOF) file that describes those parts of the WMI schema that are not defined by system-supplied MOF files.

    For a description of MOF syntax, see MOF Syntax for WMI Data and Event Blocks.

  2. Implement miniport driver callback routines.

    The SCSI Port WMI library simplifies the processing of WMI SRBs for miniport drivers. To use the SCSI Port WMI library, implement the HwScsiWmiXxx callback routines described in SCSI Miniport Driver Routines.

  3. Add required code to the miniport driver's DriverEntry of SCSI Miniport Driver routine.

  4. Add required code to the miniport driver's HwScsiFindAdapter routine.

  5. Add required code to the miniport driver's HwScsiStartIo routine.

For information about implementing the previous steps, see the following topics included in this section:

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