Making SCSI Port Miniport Drivers Work with Storport

The Storport-miniport driver interface is designed to be as similar to the SCSI Port-miniport driver interface as possible, in order to facilitate the adaptation of SCSI Port miniport drivers to work with the Storport driver. In order to make a SCSI Port miniport driver work with Storport, you must take the following basic steps:

  1. Change all instances of the #include <scsi.h> directive with the #include <storport.h> directive.

    If both the scsi.h and storport.h header files are included, a compile time error will occur.

  2. Replace scsiport.lib with storport.lib in your build scripts, that is, in the sources or makefile file.

  3. Make certain that all expanded structures are properly initialized.

    The sizes of both the HW_INITIALIZATION_DATA (SCSI) structure and the PORT_CONFIGURATION_INFORMATION (SCSI) structure have changed, so make certain the new members are properly initialized.

The Storport header file, storport.h, currently retains both SCSI Port-prefixed commands and StorPort-prefixed commands to facilitate porting from the SCSI Port.

This section provides more detailed instructions for driver writers who wish to modify a miniport driver that is designed to work with SCSI Port, so that it can work with Storport. The following topics are covered:

Requirements for Using Storport with an Adapter

Hardware Initialization with Storport

Setting Port Configuration Information with Storport