Capturing Uncompressed Data to VRAM

AVStream minidrivers that are VRAM-enabled can capture uncompressed data by providing the following support in the capture pin descriptor.

  • In the corresponding KSPIN_DESCRIPTOR structure, list the formats that the capture pin supports in the DataRanges member, an array of KSDATARANGE structures. Provide pointers to KS_DATARANGE_VIDEO structures, cast as pointers to KSDATARANGE.

  • In the VideoInfoHeader member of each KS_DATARANGE_VIDEO structure, provide a KS_VIDEOINFOHEADER structure. Each KS_VIDEOINFOHEADER contains a KS_BITMAPINFOHEADER.

  • To expose binary formats for MPEG2 capture, set biCompression equal to D3DDDIFMT_BINARYBUFFER, biHeight equal to one, and biWidth equal to the size of the binary buffer.

The Capture.cpp file of the AVStream Simulated Hardware Sample Driver (AVSHwS) in the MSDN Code Gallery contains examples of the items in the preceding list.

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