Streaming media devices design guide

Use the guidance in this section to design and implement drivers for devices that stream video and possibly also audio, such as webcams and digital camcorders.

Camera class INF file setting for Universal camera drivers (new for Windows 10, version 1709)

USB Video Class (UVC) driver implementation checklist (new for Windows 10, version 1703)

Note these updates for Windows 10:

Extended camera controls (updated for Windows 10, version 1607)

Windows Hello camera driver bring up guide (new for Windows 10, version 1607)

OEM guidance on settings for the Windows 10 in-box camera app

Video stabilization registry settings

Universal camera driver design guide for Windows 10

Streaming Media Samples

Note these updates for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8:

AVStream Minidrivers

Kernel Streaming Proxy Plug-ins

Windows 2000 Kernel Streaming Model

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