New AVStream Interfaces for Windows 8

These AVStream streaming media driver interfaces are new or updated for Windows 8:

Extended camera control interface

This extension of an existing interface is used to control camera features during image capture. See Extended Camera Control Properties.

USB Video Class 1.5 driver update (H.264 video codec)

A new version 1.5 of the USB Video Class driver is supported starting with Windows 8. This driver update incorporates the H.264 video codec standard and is described in these topics:

In addition, a new constant value has been added to the KS_VideoControlFlags enumeration.

Image data format structures

These structures are used with JPEG image capture and encoding to specify image data on a pin (or stream).

Device removal and preemption

This new interface is used when a camera device has been removed from the system (lost) or has been preempted by a new UWP app.