The class driver sends this request to query the minidriver for the data necessary to complete a property set request on a minidriver-defined property.

Return Value

The minidriver should set one of the following as the status in the SRB:

Indicates successful completion of the command.

Indicates that the function is not supported by the minidriver.

Indicates that a hardware failure occurred.


The class driver passes the parameters of the operation in the pSrb->CommandData.PropertyInfo buffer, a structure of the form STREAM_PROPERTY_DESCRIPTOR. The pSrb pointer points to a HW_STREAM_REQUEST_BLOCK structure. The Property member of STREAM_PROPERTY_DESCRIPTOR describes the property in question, while the PropertyInfo member specifies a buffer from which to copy the property data. If the buffer is too small, the minidriver should set the Status member pointed to by pSrb to STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW.

For more information about property sets, see KS Properties.

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