Parameter Types in Table Data Sources

The following table gives a summary of various parameter types available in table based DataSource and which type string can be used to make your DataSource file compatible in native, managed and script tests.

Native Managed Script ParameterType LanguageType ParameterType LanguageType ParameterType LanguageType "String" WEX::Common::String "String" string "String" or "BSTR" VT_BSTR "int" int "Int32" or "int" int "int" VT_INT "unsigned int" unsigned int "uint" or "uint32" uint "unsigned int" or "uint" VT_UINT "bool" bool "bool" or "boolean" bool "bool" VT_BOOL "double" double "double" or "decimal" decimal "double" VT_R8 "__int64" __int64 "__int64" or "int64" int64 "__int64" VT_I8 "unsigned __int64" unsigned __int64 "unsigned __int64" or "uint64" uint64 "unsigned __int64" VT_UI8 "DWORD" DWORD "DWORD" uint "size_t" size_t "NoThrowString" WEX::Common::NoThrowString "XML" WEX::Common::String "XML" string "XML" VT_BSTR

NOTE: The "String", "int", "bool", "double", "__int64", "unsigned __int64", and "XML" types can be used in all, managed, native or script tests.

By default, if the type is not specified, the type is assumed to be "String". See first row above.

To specify array type in conjuction with any types specified above, just append "[]" to the end of the type.

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