How UMDF Reports Errors

This topic describes how User-Mode Driver Framework (UMDF) reports errors. It applies to both UMDF versions 1 and 2.

When a UMDF driver crashes, the framework creates a Windows Error Reporting (WER) report.

UMDF reports the following types of errors:

  • UMDF Verifier failures.

  • Unhandled exceptions in the host process.

  • Unexpected termination of the host process.

  • Failure or time-out of critical operations. For more information about timeouts, see Host Process Timeouts in UMDF.

A UMDF error report can contain the following information. The contents of the report depend on the problem that is detected.

  • A memory dump of the host process

  • A copy of the UMDF trace log

  • Configuration information about the device, which can include the device name, manufacturer, drivers that are installed, and driver binary versions

  • Analysis of the problem, which can include the address of the last driver-to-framework call (or vice versa), problem code, exception information, and so on